‚ÄčToday I updated my Mac to OS Ventura 13.4. I proceeded to run my X-rite I1 Display Pro software / hardware to make an ICC profile of my monitor. I always do this since I like to print the colours I see on my screen. Having sat through the somewhat long process (I use the most colour patches option for maximum accuracy) I proceeded to the newly named “System Settings” and clicked “Displays”. BUT – there was no COLOR menu of dropdown ICC display profiles! I knew that my profile was saved to my hardrive in USERS –> YOU –> LIBRARY –> COLORSYNC –> PROFILES. (An aside – to see your user Library, you have to hold down the option key in your GO Menu, otherwise you won’t see that option).

To be clear, I am used to choosing my newly created display profile in System Preferences –> Displays, as has been the case for many years. But Apple in its wisdom has dropped this menu! I have to say, this is unwelcome! So how do you implement your display profile, presuming you have made one?

The answer is to go to Applications –> Utilities –> ColorSync Utility –> New Window and –> Displays Color LCD (click on this) at which point you can choose your Devices icon at the top of the box that opens (see image above). Choose your new display profile as indicated by the red marker. That’s it – you have your calibrated screen.


I just updated my software to Ventura 13.4.1. This update opened with the standard “Color LCD” Apple screen profile. So I had to go back to the Colorsync Utility and follow the above steps with the exception that the last step “Open” just opens a bunch of technical specifications of (your personally created) profile. So now you have to go to the little dropdown arrow right next to “Current Profile” and choose “Other” which then displays a list of profiles and allows you to click on your own profile to open it. I have also noticed that every so often my screen automatically reverts to an Apple preset screen profile so I have to go through this all over again. I can only guess that Apple does this by default whenever the OS updates automatically.

***UPDATE 2***

Just a fast note: – I mentioned above that my own colorsync profiles seemed to be regularly “thrown out” and replaced automatically. Just tested this and discovered that just restarting my computer running Ventura throws out my custom profile! This was never the case in the past. Not sure about Monterey, but I know that Big Sur and previous Mac OS versions respected my custom profiles once set. Haven’t upgraded to Sonoma as I am literally afraid to at present due to all these high-handed Apple decisions! Will have to look into this, maybe they fixed it. Why is this important? Because I want to know what my screen brightness is as well as my colour temperature and colours.