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self-portrait of Toronto based commercial  photographer Don Cooper taken via tethered cable to Lightroom Classic CC
Self-Portrait Using Tethered Capture to Lightroom

I recently upgraded Adobe Lightroom Classic CC and was pleasantly surprised to see Adobe has upgraded the tethered capture feature to be camera specific – there is an option for Canon and another for Nikon, Sony etc.

The most welcome addition is the increased functionality in the tethered window which now allows remote control of aperture, shutter and ISO along with the older shutter trigger button. I also noticed there is some feedback now, it seems faster along with no problems for once – this app used to be buggy and would cut out, necessitating camera restarts etc. Just in the nick of time, as many photogs have begun switching over to other apps for tethered capture out of frustration with it. Good upgrade Adobe! Here is a self-portrait I managed using it from the chair, with the exception of focusing the camera first.

In other news, I put up a couple of videos on YouTube which discuss some backgrounder knowledge that it’s good to have if you are getting serious about photography, especially if you are thinking of turning pro. The two videos up so far are admittedly a little abstract, but I was thinking of showing in some future videos how these concepts are so important to understand in your everyday work as a photographer. If you are interested please check them out and tell me what you think. They are at the “Video” link in the above menu.

** Update – March 8, 2019 **

Just lately I have been working heavily with the latest versions of Photoshop 2019 and Lightroom Classic CC. I wish I could say that all is well – but – I have clicked on “Photo –> Edit In –> Photoshop CC 2019” to open a raw file via a copy in Photoshop and have had Lightroom just sit there. Nothing going on! I would then have to repeat the command. Other issues – after saving out a .psd file from Photoshop which was generated from an original Lightroom “Virtual Copy” I returned to Lightroom. The first time I did this after the update I almost had a heart attack when the file I had been working on for two hours seemed to be unchanged in Lightroom after the save out from Photoshop. Yikes! Fortunately when I clicked on the thumbnail it updated. Not used to this kind of performance – these are new problems that didn’t exist in previous versions of Lightroom in my experience. So my praise above re: tethering has been tempered now with some pretty buggy performance elsewhere in Lightroom, and there currently is no upgrade available for the program. Hope they fix it fast….

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