Out for a walk with my dog Out for a Walk
Golfers Approaching 9th Hole - Flemingdon Park Golf Club, Toronto
Winter Sunrise - Lake Ontario Winter Sunrise - Lake Ontario at Guildwood
Seagulls - Queen's Quay, Toronto Seagulls - Queen's Quay, Toronto
Swimmer Swimmer - Bruce Trail, Georgian Bay
Mute Swans - Lake Ontario Mute Swans - Lake Ontario
Storm Approaching Rouge River Storm Approaching Rouge River, Rouge Park Toronto
Male Wood Duck Male Wood Duck, High Park Toronto
Bike Race Bike Racers
Rose-breasted Grosbeak Male Rose-breasted Grosbeak
First Steps "Cautious"
Weather Vane with Maple Leaf Oh! Canada
Cycling Couple - Toronto Islands Couple Cycling - Toronto Islands
Hi-Def Teddy "Hi-Def Teddy"
Lavender Field Field of Lavender
Welcome "Welcome"
Fuchsia Dance "Fuchsia Dance"
Grasses in glass vase Zebra Grass
Horses in Field "Hello There"
Rouge Beach - No Lifeguard "Season's Over"
Rouge Bridge - Left Turn "Left Turn"