Male Mallard Ducks | Toronto Commercial Photographer

Male Mallard Ducks

I was out walking in the woods today – the weather was sunny and beautiful, but with a distinctly Fall chill in the air. I took along a long lens and the main idea was to come back with a few nature shots.

I’m always trying to get something beautiful when I am out in nature. That is the main aesthetic search at the root of my photography – looking for the beauty around us and recording it. Therefore I was delighted to come across some mallard ducks floating around in a wetland pond, tantalizingly swimming in and out of shadows and into the sun. I jumped at the opportunity to wait for that magnificent flash of green that male mallards have when sun hits their heads at the right angle.

Male Mallard Duck Swimming in Wetland Pond
Male Mallard Duck
Male Mallard Duck Close-up on Land
Male Mallard Duck

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