Apple Display P3

Apple Display P3 (Wide Color) If you are somewhat new to the above title (as I was) you may appreciate this very brief and non-technical bit of info.  In 2005 as movie distribution was evolving to become all digital,  a need arose to standardize and upgrade theatrical colour reproduction. An organization known as the Digital […]

Where is My Hard Drive in Finder? Apple OS Ventura

The Case of the Disappearing Hardrive – Mac OS Ventura I’m starting to take a strong dislike to Mac OS Ventura. How confusing to try to save to my Macintosh HD or some other external drive and not finding this option in the Finder! How did this happen? Turns out I agreed to an innocent […]

Mac OS Ventura – Where Are My ICC Display Profiles?

***UPDATE*** Mac OS Ventura – Where Are My ICC Display Profiles in System Preferences? (Make That System Settings) Today I updated my Mac to OS Ventura 13.4. I proceeded to run my X-rite I1 Display Pro software / hardware to make an ICC profile of my monitor. I always do this since I like to […]

Do You Need an Electricity Refresher?

Do You Need An Electricity Refresher? Many of my classmates in high school were like me schooled in a five year academic program which did not include much in the way of technical education. So if you have been like me – a little fuzzy about how electricity works, I found this guy on Youtube […]

Do You Have a Black Image in Canon Professional Print and Layout?

Mask in Channel Palette

Do You Have a Black Image in Canon’s Professional Print and Layout Software? I came across a strange thing today while printing an image. It came into Canon’s Professional Print and Layout software completely black. I should have recognized this problem from my old printing days in other software, but I have to admit it […]

The Proper Exposure of RAW Images

frog garden figure in snow

The Proper Exposure of Raw Images / Noise Reduction In this blog I am going to avoid the many intricate details of using photo software. There are so many Photoshop / Lightroom gurus out there who seemingly spend every waking hour studying these and other programs that any effort I made would be superfluous. However, […]

Get Real Canon Colour

To Get Real Canon Colour Use Canon’s Own Software My Move Away From Canon Most serious amateurs, and many pro photographers (I was one) were taught very effectively by Adobe to use their digital negative (DNG) raw file format converter when it first came out, advocating convincingly for a raw file universal standard format. All […]