image of coloured glass pieces

Fine Art Work - Glass

The above photograph, "Glass Chunks" continues with a glass-oriented theme I have been exploring lately in my personal work. I exhibited the shot Welcome below recently at CAPIC'S Xposé show at the Todmorden Mills Gallery in Toronto during the Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival in 2017. The glass "chunks" above were lit in a similar manner and angle as my marbles CONTACT print below, except this time on a heavy bond paper background. Both shots were taken with a 100mm macro lens.

Incidentally, for those people who do the majority of their photographs on phones, they are wonderfully handy for close-up photography, not needing any special macro lens, as I used here for these shots with my DSLR camera.

image of marbles which appeared in CAPIC's juried fine art show, at Todmorden Mills Gallery, Toronto