one of many old growth trees cut down at Frenchman's Bay

Woods at Rotary Frenchman's Bay West Park Cut Down

-- All Photos This Entry Shot April 22, 2018 --

One of Many Healthy Old Growth Trees Removed at Rotary Frenchman's Bay West Park

Like just about everybody in Toronto, I was glad to get out for a walk today in what has finally become lovely spring weather. I suggested a walk along Beachpoint Promenade in Pickering to my wife who also likes this area of Frenchman's Bay.

We parked a little bit away from the beach to enjoy walking through the neighbourhood on the way. Upon arrival my jaw dropped. The wood running adjacent to the beach for hundreds of yards was no more! What had happened? I buttonholed some civic-minded and friendly looking locals who were valiantly picking up garbage amongst the devastation, as it was a neighborhood spring clean-up day. They told me that the City of Pickering and the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) had removed the trees.

We went home but I couldn't stop thinking about how the area's beauty had been ruined for a generation at least. Many old growth trees were cut down. I googled the situation and came up with this Toronto Star article. The article attempts to put forth a balanced discussion of the rationale for removing all the trees except a few favoured with yellow "crime scene" tape. However here's my take on it - this is indeed a "crime scene" against our environment. I feel sorry especially for all the birds and animals who have now lost their homes and sad about the lost beauty of a walk I probably won't be taking anymore.

Frenchman's Bay woods cut down Foreground Shows What Was Once a Forest of Trees
Frenchman's Bay woods cut down Entire Forest Area Reduced to Chips
Frenchman's Bay woods cut down Looking West
Frenchman's Bay woods cut down A Footpath Through the Woods to the Beach No More