Do You Have a Black Image in Canon's Professional Print and Layout Software?

I came across a strange thing today while printing an image. It came into Canon’s Professional Print and Layout software completely black. I should have recognized this problem from my old printing days in other software, but I have to admit it had me stumped for a while. I googled the problem but found nothing on it but hundreds of entries about black and white photography. So I began to accept that there wasn’t going to be any help at hand and I would have to figure it out myself. I first suspected software version problems but when I checked I found I had the latest Canon version and as everything was working fine the last time I fired up my printer I was

perplexed. Then after about 45 minutes I remembered what I thought could be the problem – I would check to see if there was a leftover mask in the channels palette of Photoshop. Sure enough, that was it. So if you come across this problem just go to the channels palette and delete the mask channel and all will be well again. Printing layout software does not “like” any other channels to be in the image except the usual essential ones, which I had forgotten. Hope this helps someone down the line. This advice assumes you are working with a flattened image and are finished with it of course!

Mask in Channel Palette

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