Male Mallard Ducks

I was out walking in the woods today – the weather was sunny and beautiful, but with a distinctly Fall chill in the air. I took along a long lens and the main idea was to come back with a few nature shots. I always try to get something beautiful when I am out in nature. That is the main aesthetic search at the root of my photography – looking

Monarch on Coneflower (Echinacea)

Here I go again with my annual shot of a monarch butterfly on one of our plants, in this case echinacea, commonly known as the cornflower. Since planting some milkweed several years ago I am gratified to see an ever increasing number of monarchs visiting our garden. Milkweed spreads quickly, so be warned, you may find yourself weeding out a few as we did. Monarchs now breed on our property

Borage Close-Up

Wow, it’s been awhile since I made an entry. I have been very busy around the house with summer chores and fix-ups. Also, I admit to playing a little golf now and then. What a great game it is – very challenging to figure out. This spring I planted a package of wildflowers in a somewhat wild area of the south end of our house. One of the flowers that

Doors Open – F.J. Horgan Water Treatment Plant

Today I dropped by the F.J. Horgan Water Treatment Plant which is only a short drive from my home. I was curious to see inside this facility which produces approximately 20 percent of Toronto’s drinking water. The 20th annual Doors Open Toronto event “provides an opportunity to see inside more than 150 of the most architecturally, historically, culturally and socially significant buildings across the city” according to their web site.

Custom Display Profile Problem and the User Library (macOS Mojave)

Recently I completed an assignment which involved changing the colour of a product to various other colours after shooting an original to act as a template. I am well set-up for this type of work, having a white studio, custom colour profile creation for my lighting and custom profiles for my monitor. As part of my general routine I created a profile for my screen as an update and also

My Photo Blog

I recently upgraded Adobe Lightroom Classic CC and was pleasantly surprised to see Adobe has upgraded the tethered capture feature to be camera specific – there is an option for Canon and another for Nikon, Sony etc. The most welcome addition is the increased functionality in the tethered window which now allows remote control of aperture, shutter and ISO along with the older shutter trigger button. I also noticed there