About Don Cooper

Hello, my name is Don Cooper, the Toronto-based photographer at Overbrook Studio. I do commercial work and have been in business full-time since 1990.

Photography has been a very engaging career for me. In the early 1990’s I learned a great deal and progressed rapidly thanks to great American photography educators like the late Dean Collins and other “high-end” working photographers – J.P. Morgan in particular comes to mind. Based in Toronto, I was thrilled to become a member of the CAPIC Toronto Chapter and eventually ended up on their National Board.

self-portrait of Toronto-based commercial photographer Don Cooper

In my early years as a professional, digital photography was virtually unknown and most commercial photographers made a living shooting transparency film. I was partial to 4″ x 5″ Kodak EPP Ektachrome sheet film which I shot on a Sinar view camera. This was a bulky camera compared to the modern DSLRs most professionals (myself included) use today – and a whole other learning experience. The quality of full-frame digital DSLRs today is fantastic, far beyond what we were shooting with "back in the day." Incidentally, although modern phones are handy snapshooters, and in spite of increasing claims to the contrary, they are unsuitable for professional photography, a fact their manufacturers are working hard to make us forget...

Another development that was unknown when I began was the internet. Although it was long established as an arcane military network, it took Netscape Navigator’s explosion on the scene to get us all thinking about the web, mainly because this new software called a “browser” was now displaying photographs. About the same time, computers and digital film scanners entered the consciousness of working photographers. Now of course all this seems routine. Especially amazing to me is the progress the “pipes” have made in bandwidth – I along with many others have witnessed low frame rate postage stamp-sized internet video evolve into the everyday use of high definition broadcast quality ( and beyond ) video on the web.

So, it has been quite a ride, and all the more engaging today.

Much of my work has been shooting sportswear, both off-figure and with models. I have worked with top model agencies and stylists, and businesses large and small. My interest in photography is as great as ever.

Some Previous Clients / Associations / Education / Exhibits

University of Toronto Press, University of Toronto Bookstores, McGovern Advertising (Fujitsu), Costco (Costco Connection Magazine), House of Horvath, TVM Building Products, National Foods, Harpur’s Custom Sportswear, Kobe Sportswear, Hotline Apparel Systems, Campus Originals, Guru Sportswear, Definition Activewear, Toronto Historical Board, Environment Canada, Wooden Sticks Golf, Flemingdon Park Golf, Royal Canadian Golf Association, Hooked on the Outdoors Magazine, Casio Canada, Bic Inc., Guelph University Bookstore, Commonwealth Legal, Recochem Inc., St. Michael’s College, Madison Press Books, Rose Cherry’s Home, Opti-Tech Scientific, Canadian Figure Skating Association, Cool Canuck, Midland Clothing, Fuzion Sportswear, The 3D Way

Associations: Past National Board Member – Canadian Association of Professional Image Creators (CAPIC)

Education: B.A. (1971) – Victoria College, University of Toronto

Fine Art Exhibits: Xposé by CAPIC Toronto Chapter at Todmorden Papermill Gallery, Toronto – part of Contact 2014 (Juried Show)

Xposé by CAPIC Toronto Chapter at Todmorden Papermill Gallery, Toronto – part of Contact 2017 (Juried Show)

Services Offered: Digital Photography, Digital Retouching